What will your child do?

At Neshaminy Kids Club we offer choices to your children. As well as activity centers, we offer at least two special activities each day. There is always a staff-led physical activity (sport or game) outside or in the gymnasium, as well as an art project, cooking project, science activity, or dance instruction.

We divide our program into the following areas:

Microscopes, nature walks, magnets, cooking projects, gardening, field trips to museums, experiments, investigations

Literature/math, cooking projects, measurements, problem solving, cards, dice

Monthly newsletter written by children, plays written and/or performed by children/stories read aloud to children, literature that uses math, Social/Emotional skills, fieldtrips to museums, pen pal program. We also have many magazines and books available for children to browse through in our library.

Snack time used to show proper portions, manners, handwashing, food groups,

Art/music/dramatic play
Art supplies are always available for children to be creative. Staff-led activities are also available. Scenery is made for plays and signs are made for activity areas. Music is also available for children, as well as instruments and props, puppets and dress-up clothing. Dance instruction is also provided on a rotational basis. This year we are doing jazz dancing as well as Zumba!

Physical Activity
Children are taken outdoors everyday for at least 30 minutes, weather permitting. Children can play organized games with a staff member, jump rope, play on the playground, bring games outdoors to play, or just sit in the sun. Physical activities take place every day.

Kids sometimes just need to chill-out. We have floor pillows, bean bags and sometimes even a sofa for kids to sit quietly or just talk with friends.

We use projects to provide a cohesive learning environment. Children will actively explore and investigate a topic which will encompass all of the learning areas. For example, our garden can be used to teach science (how plants grow, what type of soil do I need, what do worms do), math (how many plants can I fit, how much did the plants grow last week), Literature( reading and writing about gardens), art (drawing a vase with sunflowers, drawing observations of plants, creating a paper mache garden), economics (how much can we afford to buy), safety (how to we use these tools), health (should we use pesticides), etc.

We also take fieldtrips to expose children to things they might not have experience with (like a theater) or things that they might enjoy, but learn from (visit to a farm to milk a cow).

Time is allotted daily for quiet activities and homework during the academic year. Staff will be available to help with and encourage homework. This quiet/homework time is a required piece of each program. If you would like your child to do his/her homework, please speak to the supervisor.

Homework help is provided for 30 minutes at each center in the afternoon only. After the 30 minute period is over, children are free to continue their homework, but staff will not be available to help as they will be providing other activities for the children. Please note that our staff are there to help with the homework but the use of tutors is the responsibility of the child’s parents. We are not able to provide one-on-one help to children. Children are free to do homework in the a.m. program, but there is no staff assistance.